Timber Subfloor Levelling and Preparation

Timber subfloor levelling and preparation
Timber subfloor levelling and preparation

What We Do

Correcting uneven subfloors is a common practice in the floor installation process. Before you can even consider installing timber or other flooring, you need an even subfloor.

There is more to levelling and preparing a timber subfloor than you might realise.

The approach you ultimately take depends on how uneven your subfloors are. Mildly uneven subfloors can easily be worked around, whereas severely uneven floors (the sub-floor can only deviate by 3 mm over 3 metres) could require significant work prior to installation.

There are a few main ways to level an uneven subfloor which will require a professional to do it correctly:

  1. Self-levelling compound (similar to concrete it will automatically level out the affected areas)
  2. Plywood (can use different thicknesses and install them accordingly so that the different areas meet at the same level)
  3. Grinding and sanding (subfloors can be levelled by planing and sanding down high points or lips / edges of concrete under subfloor)
  4. Using thick underlay (similar to the plywood option, you can have different thicknesses of underlay to make all the flooring at the same level)

Why Us?

You cannot install a hard floor over an uneven subfloor. Doing so will likely result in creaking noises and movements under the surface and could lead to needing to rip up the flooring surface down the track.

We have over 20 years’ experience in timber flooring preparation and are professional carpenters so fixing and levelling subfloors is what we specialise in. We’re always on-hand to offer our expert advice to current and prospective clients.

Typically most sub floors or concrete slabs have dips and hollows which need to be minimised as best as possible to achieve a high end finished floor product.

Taking the time to get a level subfloor will make the floor installation easier, and the finish will be perfect.

Our Promise

We’ve never seen a subfloor we can’t fix, we promise to deliver you:

  • A super flat floor
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Clean and durable result

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